pipe spools

pipe spools
we iso'd this for example

Da Boss

Da Boss
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

web page design

So this business of designing a web page is tougher than I thought. Sort of like buying cad software, the demo looked great, you get it home and test drive it and whoa! this is harder than it looks, time consuming too. But in order to get stuff to iso, I need orders, clients, customers which means web page. I've got the home page down, and the about us page but I have to figure out how to delete some stuff I don't want and add some stuff I do for the other three pages. 5 pages is all I get for my dime. Now picture this: The scene is a castle under seige back in the day. Across from the moat is a new catapult. It's been fired. Splattered all over the castle wall fairly near the top is the body of a soldier from the attacking army. Ugly. The king is looking askance at his engineer who says "Funny, the prototype worked great!" (with apologies to non sequitur). Seemed relevant somehow.

Monday, June 22, 2009

One day in paradise blends into another.......

The search goes on - still looking for that perfect day job - actually any day job would be just fine. I never really liked being a government artist drawing UI.

Got this really neat free logo making software from our friends at AZpiping. Here's a look at what I did with it. Yes plan B (always have a plan B folks) is to be an independent.
So far 26 potential hirers and counting excluding my friends at Cad-Tech in Delaware. Guess they don't realize an energetic tireless 24year old lurks in this ancient frame.
Am now a student licensee of Revit MEP Suite and Navisworks Manage (2020 versions). Looks like it'll work great for BIM but prefab is quite another matter.
Did some networking today with Tom Stright and Kevin Allen. Cool guys who really get around.
You never know.
(Ecclesiastes 11:1) . . .Send out your bread upon the surface of the waters, for in the course of many days you will find it again. . .
Maybe I'll continue in that vein with Dr Brown and Brett Stacks over on the dark side (that's a TSI in-joke) tomorrow.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

we can't iso that

Being unemployed results in the title of this post. So what to do. Checked out Autodesk Assistance program and registered, downloaded Revit MEP Suite and Navisworks Manage. Also joined Typepad so I can post in various MEP blogs. Got myself an igoogle home page - very nice.

Thats about it - not much of a cheese shop at the moment.

Ah, those were the days.

Monday, June 15, 2009

safety first middle and last


Today's thought - pay attention, sweat the details, because this is what happens when you don't. As you can see, they thought they could get by with a pair of snips, but wait - see that tdf flange - how were they going to get the tile to lay-in?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My first LEED project. All the equipment submittals had to be redone - the vendors didn't know how to format for certification review.
Here I am, back at the keyboard, thinking about my next post. So do you think I could remember how to do that? Apparently not. Had to watch the create a blog video again.

Saturday, June 13, 2009