pipe spools

pipe spools
we iso'd this for example

Da Boss

Da Boss
In The Windy City

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CAD is dead - long live CAD

Well I can't take credit for thinking of this, but I can help spread the word. Computer Assisted Drafting is now Collaboration Analysis and Design. So watch for Autodesk Project Vasari. Not sure what that is, neither is the Revit Kid, but he'll tell when he finds out.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Now is the summer of our content

Apologies to Willie for that title, couldn't resist. Looking out the window this morning I see it has truly passed because things are looking kinda white out thee on the front range. But hey with three pc's and four monitors cooking inside it's real toasty.
Grand Coulee Dam

it snows in Kamloops?

new Black & Black wheels

Number 1's new venture Black & Black

Travel: we made it up to Canada again this summer for three district conventions
Recognize this guy? Hint: he lives in Brooklyn NYC

 and saw a bunch of old friends.
Met with our IT Manager
Toys were discussed at a Board Meeting in Abbotsford BC

got an oil change from our Service Manager
Spent some time with the grandkids

Remington (Steal)

 We went across the pond in the friendly skies

 to see poor old mumsy, now in the stroke ward of a nice hospital in St Leonard's-on-Sea - guess anything is an improvement on the dementia ward in an old folks home right?
See how they run, NOT!
At The Ranch:
Can't believe they wanted $800 to do this

: the fence is finished in the backyard
My kinda spring cleaning!
R & R
All work and no play......
Our HR Director with Mataya at the Denver Zoo

Camping at Rampart
On Assignment:
2009-2010 saw a variety of work assignments - here are the highlights
ME Group - Revit MEP

Quickpen and TSI

More Revit MEP
The VBL Denver Metro crew at a typical strategy session

And a new Corporation was born
Our new Corporate Logo
Visit us at

To keep the founders trim and slim with lots of vital energy, we appointed a Director of Health and Wellness, our son Paul. He and his spouse stopped by to make sure we were on track with our program
Our Electrical Consultant dropped in for a consultation on our corporate headquarters renovation
We had a great summer here on the front range, but not without the odd incident:

And an old faithful friend lost his sight
That pretty much brings us up to date. Watch this space

Sunday, April 11, 2010

 So now that with the passage of time I'm older and supposedly wiser, for safety and health reasons, here's what I do when I'm volunteering and it's hot out:

To see where I volunteer, navigate to http://kingdomhall.newspasiding.com/

Didn't iso anything but did strip a bunch of curb forms and do a lot of tidying up. Almost 300 yards of concrete paving laid down between Friday and Saturday. Just about at the halfway mark.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Revit 3d coined a new word - don't you just love it?


try it, you'll like it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wot are weekends for? (if not for hanging pipe)

I've got to tell you, this Autocad MEP isn't so bad after all, in fact it has some very cool revit-type stuff. And with the right customization it can be extremely lifelike. So todays play might not be isoistic but its very virtual and exteme fun. Now if  could just get paid for it..............

Sunday, March 14, 2010

a moving experience

So no, we didn't iso that, but as part of the closeout proceedings on the old homestead, we did fix the leaking cleanout on the big wye at the bottom of the picture. Amazing stuff WD40.

presto - it's all back together again.

and finally.................we went from this................

to stuffed full with a little help from our friends. That's a full 27 feet long!

and that was the end of the mortgage!
yes it's all happening here in beautiful Commerce City where a new KH is soon to rise in no time flat.

making an investment

Not having been paid to play (again) for a while, its time for something completely different. Virtual Building Construction - as mr S (he of the pointy ears) would say - quite logical So they beamed me up and here I am - investing my (free) time (virtually) at a certain well known educational establishment on the East Coast - Ivy League plus plus.
you've got to be kidding - there's no way all that stuff will fit in that tiny space.............
Not sure if we'll get to iso any of it but just the modeling is heaps of fun, and ductwork with AMEP is always interesting. And I get to play with Project Navigator again.
Pretty soon we'll see if and how big (well) the investment returns are. With the overhead lowered to the bare bones, the bottom end should be well withing reach and everything else is gravy after that. The good news is that the new schedule should permit the good news to be spread more often. The aim is to fill the jar with the big theocratic balls first, then the secular pebbles, and then the personal sand. Sooner be the master's slave than anyone elses.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

tweeting away

you can now follow me @fishandchips47 on twitter

we have been having technical difficulties

But they are now fixed so I am back into the blogosphere. I remember the bad old days of "dos". It seems they haven't really gone away.